Access to GPS location


I want to create a geocache within a single experience.
The user is expected to visit a location, take a picture of a specific object (e.g. bus stop sign), and be guided to the next location. However, I do not want the user to cheat by pointing their camera on a printed photo instead of the actual object.

I know I can specify add a location restriction while publishing an experience, but I want the user to move to a different location within the experience.
Is it possible to programmatically access the GPS sensors on the device, so that I can confirm they are near the location?


Hey @yoursunny,

You can add locations for experiences in the publish section when you are ready to publish your experience.

To add a location:

  1. Click on Publish at the top right of the storyboard
  2. In Advanced Settings, select add experience to a group
  3. Groups section will appear on the left, click on it.
  4. From there, you can toggle proximity and find location settings


As I mentioned in the top post, I already know this feature, but this isn’t what I want.
I want to detect location within an experience, so that I can guide the user walking to a certain position before showing the next stage.


Ah I see. This feature is not available at this time. The best technique used to accomplish this is to create several small experiences and place them all in the same group.