Adding Another Languages!

I’m an international student at Ohio University in and I’m interested in using Metaverse app in schools. I believe it will help students to understand many subjects and retain information longer because it has a lot of options to make the learning process effective and ease.
I’m already using it so far but when I’m trying to use the Arabic language in (check text response ) block it does not recognize it.

So would you please add the Arabic language so I can integrate Metaverse with my project.

Thank you so much.
Salman Alharbi
Ohio, USA.

Hey @slman131,

Can you try copying and pasting the text into the block.

Then you will need to change the keyboard settings of your mobile device before using Metaverse.

Hope this helps!

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Hey Luis

Thanks for replying , I will try your way and get back to you soon :slight_smile:

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Yes , it worked :slight_smile: , Thank you so much.

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Are we expected to add the Arabic language soon !! I think it would be great for kids who speak one language.

Thanks, Luis :smiley:

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This feature is on our long term roadmap.

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As long as it’s on your roadmap that’s mean I will wait for it!

Thank you guys for all the hard work you did so far and I really wish you the best.:hugs:

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