Check Experience Property block not working

Hi all. I am not having any luck getting the check experience property block to work. I created my trivia/quiz by following the tutorial, so I’m pretty sure all of my steps are correct. The block currently has a red exclamation point and says that nothing in the experience links to it…but I have two scenes linked to it.

I downloaded and looked at the code for the 5-question quiz template – (thank you for making that public). The block is working correctly in that experience. I checked, and my block was missing the if/then statement that is at the end of the code in the template.

I added the if/then code hoping that would fix the issue, and it didn’t. So…if anyone can give me in a direction as to where to look next to figure out what might be wrong, I’d be super appreciative.


Not sure if this will help, I’m fairly new to the Metaverse experience.
I ran into that issue of the block error stating it wasn’t linked to anything when the block was the first thing in my experience. It went from the “Starting Gear” to the Block. If I added a welcome screen before the block then the experience was happy with the block linking.

Hi Jay.

Thanks for the reply. I actually have the block toward the end of a three questions quiz, so a connection to the starting gear isn’t the issue. No matter what I do, the block doesn’t seem to recognize when something is linked to it. :frowning:


Interesting. I haven’t run across that yet.
You mentioned that you downloaded the 5 question quiz.
Can you add your questions to that experience and then remove the last two questions to make it a 3 question quiz and see if the blocks are happy then? Just a thought. Good luck.