Clickable regions or objects in scenes?


I’m working on a RPG that teaches engineering skills. I want students to be able to click regions in an image–say, to click the workbench to see the different tools they could work with in the class, and then click a tool to learn about its safety rules. Ideally we could even do this in 360-photo scenes, but static background scenes would do for now.

Is there a block or a script that would work for this? Or could the scene background call an image map with regions defined elsewhere?


I agree this would be useful for us as well. In the last project, I had asked students whether in Metaverse, one could select part of an image (that illustrated a schematic or a model). I suppose it would also be possible to do this by opening up a Javascript-enabled web page with the image…


Hey Kerrick,

Luis from Metaverse here.

At this time this feature is not available, but this is a great feature idea!

I have seen users display web pages with 360 embedded photos that are annotated.
(Check this site out:

This is the only way I have seen this currently done in an Experience.

Hope this helps!