Combining/Merging MetaVerse Experiences



I am part of a group project that concerns making a MetaVerse experience demonstrating three different models. Myself and each of my teammates have used separate accounts to make separate experiences around one model each. We were wondering if it was possible to combine or merge these three experiences into a single experience without needing to recreate all of the nodes from scratch.


Hey BurgerMeister,

Luis from Metaverse here.

At this time, we do not have any sort of collaboration tools for this sort of action. You will need to combine them all from scratch.

You can make a copy of the largest Experience by clicking on the initial scene (dark block with gear) and then clicking on the “make a copy” button located near the bottom of the right-hand menu. Then you could work off of that one within the account it was created in.

Thanks for the feature request! Collaboration tools are something we have discussed, and this likely will be a feature in the future! :slight_smile:


Feature doesn’t exist yet. However, you can send users to an experience at the end of another. New Block --> Experiences --> Send message to current user