Community Purge?


I got a notification a couple of days ago that Luis replied to one of my feature requests. Now I see that the whole board has been purged! What happened???


Hey @bdjeffyp

We are starting fresh with this community page.

With the updates to the studio coming mid-January, may of the threads became outdated/irrelevant so we have deleted all previous posts made to this forum.

This community forum will be made live again in the Metaverse studio starting in mid-January.


Excited to see where this goes. My school blocks Facebook it’s hard to stay in the know with other Metaverse Teachers.


It is great to know that updates are coming to the studio in a few days and I look forward to them eagerly.
However, I am very concerned too: in the past silent updates broke experiences’ behavior with no warning at all several times and that’s very unnerving. I have an important demo to teachers and cultural operators planned for Jan 16, when I plan to showcase a Metaverse-based treasure hunt among other things. It would be nice to know in advance about what it is going to change, so to be prepared. It would be even better being reassured that this time nothing is going to break :slight_smile:
Is there anything that you can share about it?


Hey @paolorusso,

Many updates to the Studio are visible currently in Studio. Most of what we did was simplifying the Studio and blocks as well as removing deprecated blocks from the Studio. For example, the “String” Section has been renamed to “Text”.

Additionally, we are working on a feature called “My Projects” that will be a tool used for managing many experience from many creators.

Lastly, the Metaverse Mobile App is getting a new look and will be used primarily as a renderer by getting rid of Discovery on the Mobile App.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


It sounds reassuring enough, thanks! :smile: