Easy 5 Question Multiple Choice Template


Middle School Science Teacher using Metaverse for my class and I love it so far!

I didn’t see any sort of place to find templates for experiences, so I figured I’d just post mine here:

Share: https://mtvrs.io/PointlessDampAnteater

Studio: https://studio.gometa.io/discover/me/a0785e27-0f01-42e1-8033-0d785a9d566a

I use this template for weekly pop quizzes in my class. I usually just project the QR code in the front of the class. The activity takes about 1-5 min and the kiddos seem to like it more than traditional pen and paper.

This is experience has 5 multiple choice questions and counts the score for correct answers. Also if a student gets 100% I award what I call a “Science Coin” that students can use at the end of the semester for extra credit.

Feel free to copy it & remix it. I hope this helps someone. I would have used a template if it were available.


Thanks for sharing Mike! Very helpful! :slight_smile:


Wow! Cool!

How do you give the extra credit in your class?


I actually use a custom Metaverse leaderboard to request items and then post the number of EC points to the leaderboard next to their name (which I save as a user property using a Text Input Scene and Save Text Block).

Then I used an increment leaderboard block and tweaked it a little using the edit code function.

I am actually really surprised by how much customization Metaverse offers.


LOVE the idea of a place for shared templates, etc. Any word on whether that is in the pipeline?



For now we are using this Community forum as a place to share templates.

If the volume of templates increases, we will create a category for it here! :slight_smile:

Spread the word!