Experience Troubleshooting Best Practices


Hi! I was wondering if there were any tips for troubleshooting my experiences? I like that I can ask for help in the Studio, but part I’d really like to get better at finding/solving the problem before I end up asking for help.

Anyone have any good suggestions for troubleshooting best practices?


The first thing I do is make sure that all of my scenes, buttons, text inputs are linked properly. If you see a warning icon on the storyboard, that means that particular component hasn’t been linked.

I typically click on each component and verify that it is linked (sometimes it doesn’t display properly?) and transitions to the right scene. Next I’ll test the experience by scanning the code and verify that each part of the experience works.

If you post your Experience here, I’d be happy to look at it.


Hey @a.robinson,

Nice! Troubleshooting experiences is definitely a useful skill to practice.

Here are my best practices when I try to help people using Metaverse:

  1. Identify where the issue occurs. Often times this can be the most challenging part of troubleshooting an experience. If you are able to get better at pinpointing where in the experience your issue is happening, it allows you to focus your efforts on that specific part of the experience and makes solving the problem much more manageable.

  2. Make a copy. When troubleshooting I like to make a copy of the experience so that I can change/test things without affecting the original. Then, once I find out what is going on, I make the necessary changes to my original.

  3. Check transitions. TBH most of the errors that I find are usually incorrect transitions, especially when working with larger experiences. One incomplete transition can make the difference between a good user experience and a bad one. Don’t forget about Timer transitions!

  4. Check that scenes/blocks are filled out correctly. Many times I find that people try to build too quickly and forget to fill out one or two Scenes/Blocks in their experience. I see this a lot with Photo Walls, Leaderboards, & Polls, where they will configure one part of it and move on. Make sure every scene/block is configured!

  5. Does the logic make sense? If your experience is working but the flow seems off, you may need to take a step back and think about the logic of your experience. This is a concept that starts off simple (for example a coin flip block), but then can get kind of tricky when you have multiple blocks back to back. Metaverse usually uses conditional logic (If this, then that). Sometimes saying it out loud and seeing if the logic makes sense can help a lot.

  6. If you find a bug, report it! Metaverse is AMAZING, but it is not perfect and we are constantly adding and fixing things in the Studio. Sometimes you may encounter a bug that we have not caught yet. If you have checked your experience using the tactics above and are still encountering an issue, it might be a bug. Let us know using the chat line at the bottom right of the studio.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks! That definitely helps me think through it.