Help with Google Vision blocks


Hey y’all, I’m having some issues with the is object Google Vision block. It won’t seem to recognize a photo of Mercury that we’re using in class. Do you know how to fix this?


Hey @NicoleSalazar,

The Google Vision blocks are good at recognizing many things, but not everything. This will continue to improve as the Google Vision API continues to improve.

A great way to test is to go to their website and upload the image directly. Then you can find out what the image results are. Here is the site to check the image:

I also highly recommend using the isText Block, because it is the most accurate Google Vision Block in Metaverse.


@Luis does the isText Block recognize multiple languages?


Hey @RealMrJohnson,

Yes! :slight_smile: The isText block will recognize the exact text that is typed into the right right-hand menu when configuring the block. That means it supports multiple languages as long as the image you are analyzing includes printed text.


@luis Awesome! My school teaches via a language immersion program in which classes are taught partly in English and partly in Spanish.


@RealMrJohnson Very cool! Make sure to introduce yourself here! There are many of other teachers that use Metaverse in multiple languages!