How to make scavenger hunt (add locations)

I’m looking to make a scavenger hunt for my school but I can’t seem to find the location settings for my experience. Anyone know where these settings are?

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Hey @smilemily,

You can add locations for experiences in the publish section when you are ready to publish your experience.

To add a location:

  1. Click on Publish at the top right of the storyboard
  2. In Advanced Settings, select add experience to a group
  3. Groups section will appear on the left, click on it.
  4. From there, you can toggle proximity and find location settings


(We recommend this for schools!)

Another option is to print out each QR code and place it at a physical location for participants to scan at each location.

To print out an Experience QR code, go to the share link in your browser. Then File>Print to get a printable QR code page.

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how do you register beacons in order to use location inside building. Doc is vague, telling us to use the mobile app, which I don’t know. I could not find it in the Metaverse brower.



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Hey @idotic,

ibeacons are an iOS only feature at this time.

To add an ibeacon:

  • In the Metaverse Mobile App (iOS) go to your profile page and then tap on the settings gear.
  • Tap on the “beacon explorer” option in the settings menu
  • From there you should be able to register ibeacons to your Metaverse account.
  • Then, follow the instructions from the locations tutorial and add your beacon as the location:


Thanks. Any plans for android on the table?


Yes! But not in the near future. So far not may folks have been using ibeacons for experiences (since printing QR codes is cheaper/faster). If it becomes more popularly requested, then we will build it out.

For the beacon, do I require register the beacon in google first?
The App prompt unreg. beacon.