Image recognition

Hello everyone. Am new to Metaverse. Is there a way to add “image recognition” into the Experience?Instead of using QR code to activate the experience, can I use my phone camera to scan the image I have created. Is that possible?

Hey @motionportion,

The closest thing to the functionality that you are describing is the Google Vision Blocks.

Here is a tutorial that may help:

The Google Vision blocks are good at recognizing some things and not others. This should improve as the Google Vision API continues to improve.

You can upload any image to their site ( to see what the top result should be to use in your block.

I’ve also found that the isText Block tends to be the most accurate of the Google Vision blocks.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I am using this link and I see a detailed JSON reply… does metaverse receive the whole JSON result ? If so how can I use one of the blocks and evaluate the entire result ?