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My name is Luis. I live in San Diego, CA. I use Metaverse everyday and LOVE it! :slight_smile:
You can find me online: @luchamedia


Hi! I’m Amanda! I teach 3rd & 4th Grade. I’ve been using Metaverse in my lessons for math review using the kids’ favorite characters.

Not really on social media but wanted to connect with other teachers using Metaverse so now I’m here!


My name is Mike. I teach 8th Grade Science (Physical Science) in Massachusetts. Using Metaverse for our 5 minute subject reviews at the beginning of class and for extra credit pop quizzes once a week.


My name is Wilson. I just started using Metaverse for a 10th Grade Game creation class. We are exploring the possibility of making Augmented Reality games around our school.


Name is Joe. Hoping to get enough “points” on here to actually post a question and have it answered. Like the product so far.


Hi my name is Erik.
I live in the Netherlands and im learning about Metaverse everyday!
It’s really cool to play around with! My first experance is going to be a geocache experiance.

It is a ton of fun.:grinning:


My name is Steve Isaacs. I teach game design and development at William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, NJ. I have been part of a research study on AR/VR in the classroom for the past few years and am now dabbling much more in AR thanks to metaverse, mergecube, etc. I am currently working on a grant project to create a number of AR/VR hackathons for middle school students. I plan to feature metaverse as one of the tools.

My students are using it also to create choice based adventures, informational apps / quizzes, and whatever their imagination drums up.

On twitter I’m @mr_isaacs

Glad to be part of this community :slight_smile: