Is there a menu scene with many buttons?


Hey I am seeing if Metaverse can be used for prototyping simple apps and was wondering if there was a menu scene with many buttons like the home screen of an app?


Hey @JamesUX,

A basic Character Scene is used for something like this. You can as many buttons to a character scene as you’d like. Often times, this is used to create a menu for an Experience. Below are some instructions for adding and editing buttons.

1. Add Buttons:
Click on the empty rectangle at the bottom of the Scene.

2. Delete or Move Buttons:
Right-click on the button and select “Delete” or one of the movement options.

3. Change Button Style:
Click on an empty space within the Scene. You can change the button styles under “Response Style” controls in the right-hand menu to change the button shapes, colors, and layout.

Here is an example of a Character Scene being used as a menu for the home screen:


Haha wow. Exactly what I was looking for. I can’t believe I missed this. Many thanks!