Item selection dialogues


I’m finding there are two methods for selecting items, and they have some fundamentally different functionality. Selecting an item in a Block differs from selection of an item in a Scene.


  • Give Item block shows “Find” to pop up the full screen item select window. This doesn’t include item sets, or a link to create an item or set, but does include the option to add tags to items.
  • Give Item scene shows a “Choose item” section to select an item or an item set. This does include the link to create an item or item set, but doesn’t include the ability add tags to items.

Can not both of these elements make use of a unified item management/selection dialogue with all those options? It’s a little confusing; having to use an inventory item Scene object to create items.


Hey! This is on our roadmap for feature improvements. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :slight_smile: