"Look left or right"


I think I am missing something! How do I always the Look left or right text when I want it?
It never shows when I have the scene background style set to “pattern” (which is what I expect), but sometimes I get it when the background style is set to AR, and sometimes I don’t. Possibly not getting it when a prior scene has been “pattern”, but not sure.
Also, if the previous scene is “pattern” then often the camera isn’t live in the following camera scene.
Any help appreciated, or is this a bug?


forgot to say that testing is on a Huawei P10 lite


@Ruru_nz, while using the experience on your mobile, tap on the menu (3 dots in upper-right-hand corner), then tap on ARLite and the “Look left or right” text will appear. Tap on either ARCore or No AR, and the text will disappear. I don’t think this can be set permanently while programming the experience in Studio. As such, it appears to be an end-user’s option.

Not sure if that answered your question, but I hope it helped.


@TeamChristiansen - thanks. (I get ARLite and No AR)
That being the case, it looks like entering a 3d picture is what I might need to do… which leads to another question: How can I create my own 3D pictures with information imbedded? Have seen these in other experiences, but cannot work out how to create my own. Suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:


Hey Ruru_nz,

Luis from Metaverse here.

Here is a link to some documentation on uploading 3d assets & animations!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I don’t have a mac, so I didn’t try the packager. However, I was able to import a obj zip that I saved from vectary.com. But they appear smaller and farther away than I want in the experience. They app would also lock up. I don’t know if this was because I didn’t use the official packager or other reasons. In the end, I ended up using the 2D images that I saved from the 3D object in vectary.com.

Has anyone else had experiences with this?