Metaverse Student Project Ideas


Let’s create a mega-thread of awesome Metaverse project ideas! Share your ideas below

  • Create a tour of your school to help new students learn the campus. Place codes around the building to learn more about each location
  • Create a content review game to prepare for a test
  • Create a digital breakout puzzle
  • Create a choose your own adventure game based on a book you’re reading in class
  • Create a virtual field trip by asking questions, playing 360 videos, linking to articles etc.


I use Metaverse for quick review activities at the beginning of my class. Just started using it last semester and it has been a significant improvement compared to my previous whiteboard activities in the past.


Discovered Metaverse about a month ago. My class gets the computer lab 2 times a week and I am having students create their own chapter in for a book they are reading in their English class.

This is going to be part of their end of the year project so I am excited to see what they are making. It’s interesting because I am learning the platform at the same time that they are, but there seems to be little to no learning curve, though I’m sure I’ll run into somethings as I keep going!

Wish me luck!


Awesome ideas! How about AR holiday cards? You can print a Metaverse QR code and paste it on a traditional card, or send the Experience share link to relatives.

Create holiday cards with custom audio greetings and camera scenes that let the whole family add to a single collage. Share your Experiences on here or on Twitter if you try this :slight_smile:


I am using Metaverse to make a mini math adventure for my 4th graders! It’s a good way to review times tables and be a bit more active.