No Text Input Blocks


I am trying to collect text input but I do not have the text Input blocks.


Hey kfinklestein,

Luis from Metaverse here.

To collect text inputs, you will need to use a Text Input Scene, not a block, which is found at the top of the add new menu.

Then you can save the response as a user property bu using a “Save User Response” Block, or you can post this response to a Media Wall by using the “Save to Wall” block.

Here is a good video tutorial to check out for free response questions using text input scenes that may help:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I was trying to follow these instructions

Basically I just want to ask a question, but not one that has a correct answer and I don’t want to use a poll, but I want to see student answers. I do not want other students to see the answers.


Gotcha. It seems that you have found your way into our old forum. The info that you found is out of date.

To ask an open-ended question and then record the response, you can use the new modules to create a Media Wall. In the Add New menu scroll down into the modules section and then select “Save Text To A Wall”. This will bring in a set of scenes and blocks which will use Text input and then save the response to a Wall that you can view.

Also, here is a tutorial on Media Walls that may help: