Problem with Transitioning for Text Input and Save to Wall Block

My students and I were trying to test our experiences today, and we kept running into a problem with transitioning from a text input “save to wall” block. We’d all receive this error message:

This would occur after a user would try to enter text into a text input scene. The input would save correctly to the wall, but we could progress past the text input scene. It was just say loading, then still loading, then the message above.

15 of us received this message. 1/2 were accessing the app on their phones while connected to the WiFi, 1/2 were accessing the app on their phones on their network. Four of us toggled between WiFi and personal network, and we still received the error message.

Any idea:

(1) Why we’re receiving this message?
(2) How to fix it?

Hi! I get the same issue when I try to execute an experience property block. However the last sunday it was working…

Same here. Even the simple “Curse of Pharaoh” does not work any more.

We also have problem since yesterday. Our experiance’s do not loading at all or some functionality like roll a dice is in use error message appear. Moreover yesterday we couldnt save changes when we try to modify experience.
Before everything was fine

This issue can be closed since for now the text input is been processed normally.

However, I find it kind of strange that there is no reply nor any kind of information about this issue from gometa side.

Yes it was fine, but few min ago issue return. I can’t load experiance, browse any otheres in discover section. And there was no info about technical break.

OK temporaty issue this time