Proximity question

I am creating a long scavenger hunt. Many of the experiences are proximity linked, however it would be helpful for participants to be able to refer back to earlier clues later in the quest when they are no longer at that location. I could do this manually but the problem is that I will not always know what step along the quest the participant has reached. Is there a way to release the proximity requirement once the experience has been triggered by the participants? Thanks.

Hi mmelgar,

I think you can know what steps along the quest the participant has reached if you set a user property (with the corresponding block) in each of those steps. Then you can check later in the game if the user has that property.


Interesting. I’ve never used that functionality. What is a user property and how do you use it? Is there a tutorial that goes over that?

Sure there is. Haven’t you checked on Metaverse’s User Guide?

Yes I have. I don’t recall seeing that terminology in there. Is there a specific section i should look at?


In the page I gave you, just scroll down the index on the left side till you see Blocks / Properties, and there you go!