Questions about location-based experiences

Hi there:

First message here, nice to meet you guys. I’m interested in GPS-oriented scavenger hunts, and Metaverse looks like one of the best choices available out there to make them. However, I’m still getting to know the workings of it and have a few questions to make if you are so kind.

  • Regular experiences can be saved as either public or private (unlisted). Meanwhile, a location (GPS) experience has to be saved as part of a Group of experiences. But are Groups themselves private or public? (haven’t seen any selector to chose one option or the other)

  • If you have made a group of experiences and it is meant for a certain private group of people, you can’t however prevent those people from being able to share it with anyone else through the “share button”, can you?

  • In a scavenger hunt, you might want to prevent a user from opening a certain experience in your group until they have completed a previous one. How can you do this? I’ve tried by setting a user property block at the beginning of that experience, but even though I link it from the initial gear with a transition to block, a warning message in there says “Unreachable - Nothing in the experience links to this block.”