Showing more details in a map?



I’m creating a treasure hunt, with geo-located experiences. But I’m running into a problem and hoping that someone has found a workaround. (or if not, then maybe this becomes a feature request).

Unlike the examples from Metaverse where experiences are placed at locations in Balboa Park, and the google map is full of details of the buildings and roads – the map for my location has nothing. Just a big green field. Mostly because this is a rural area – so there are no buildings to map. But there are landmarks… ponds, hills, etc – but that doesn’t show up in the map background. And so when people look at the groups of experiences on the map, there’s nothing to help them locate where they actually are.

I would imagine other people have had this problem. What if you’re creating a treasure hunt on a large school field? Or parking lot. Or… beach.

Is there a way to perhaps use a google satellite map view instead of the street view? Or could I upload my own map – which would be a wonderful way to increase the thematic design of my hunt.

Thanks in advance,



Hey David,

Luis from Metaverse here.

At this time we have maps integrated from the Mapbox API. These are uneditable at this time, but we will be sure to add this to the requested features list.

Thanks for the awesome suggestion! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. It looks like Mapbox supports other maps – like satelite views - so hopefully this will be incorporated in the future.

In the mean time I have an idea, where I just place a lot of inactive’ hotspots to give shape to my area’s borders and key features, and see if that helps give a sense of place to the map.

Thanks again,