User properties across experiences


I have a group of experiences and need to track the number of “keys” they have earn across the experiences. I tried using a user property increment by value block but when I display it in a dialogue it prints 012 and I was expecting it to print 3. Am I using the block wrong? Is this even possible?




not quite sure what you mean. Can you post a url to your experience and I will look at it.


Here’s the experience where I set the user properties:

Here’s an experience where I increment the value and then display the values in the dialogue:


OK. With the new restrictions I can’t clone that but let me mock one up real quick and see how it goes.


I just tested it again and now it’s incrementing correctly.


Awesome! Glad it worked out.


Hey y’all!

You can also click on the block and then click on edit code at the bottom of the right hand menu.

In line 22, the value is set to “string” by default. If you change this into “number” it will increment by the number value.

Hope this helps!


Luis… number or string should be a setting on the block… just sayn’ :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! Will be sure to pass this along!