What standard variables or properties are available?


Is there documentation on what standard variables or properties are available?

For example, I know username can be used by {username} in the same why I use {props.MyVariableName} to display a value that I stored to a variable.

What others are there?



Luis form Metaverse here.

We do not have additional documentation on this at this time. The only additional properties that you can display in dialogues at this time are environment properties & experience properties

Experience properties are displayed using ${experience.PROPERTY_NAME}

Environment properties are displayed using ${env[‘PROPERTY_NAME’]}

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Luis,

Just to note… one of the old tutorials talks about using ${props.PROPERTY_NAME}. I have found that works some places but not all. Your syntax is better.

Also, ${username} seems to work most places to get the Profile name from the phone app.



Currently, these can only be displayed in a character dialogue. Using this as a variable within another block may not work at this time.


In this experience that I am working on (https://studio.gometa.io/dimension/experiences/91f79f84-aa98-4801-9d3d-ed3890d7ca26/storyboard), I am using temporary experience variables to track how many questions the player answered correctly. I can see that the blocks are working properly when I see the results, but the text box/character dialog does not show the correct value, despite using the ${experience.property_name}. Property_name is another name for the key that the experience property blocks are looking for, correct?